Mellow Life

NUDE glass Terroir Polyvalent 酒杯 (1套2件)



【Design by Nude Design Team,土耳其製造】 來自 NUDE Terroir 系列在多功能套裝中提供現代極簡主義。每一件都簡約而富有表現力,以最出色的形式呈現無鉛水晶的美感。 These polyvalent glasses from the NUDE Terroir range offer contemporary minimalism in a versatile set. Accented with a dynamic drop that flows beautifully into the stem, each piece is minimal yet expressive, presenting the beauty of lead-free crystal in its most excellent form. 容量: 430 cc / 61,5 mm / 221 mm 全人手製造 handmade 無鉛水晶玻璃 lead-free crystal glass