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NUDE glass Arch 威士忌酒杯套裝 (1套2件)



【Design by Ali Bakova, 土耳其製造】 NUDE Arch 威士忌酒杯套裝為傳統玻璃器皿的理念帶來異想天開的優雅,經典的厚底款式由透明的無鉛水晶製成,具有現代感 - 精美的弧形底座,令人愉悅的漩渦反射光線,是有要求品酒者的完美禮物。 The NUDE Arch set of whisky glasses brings whimsical elegance to the idea of traditional glassware. Crafted from clear lead-free crystal, the classic heavy-bottomed silhouette gets a modern twist — courtesy of the beautifully curved base, designed to reflect the light in a delightful swirl. The perfect gift for the discerning drinker. 容量: 300 cc / 82 mm / 90 mm 全人手製造 handmade 無鉛水晶玻璃 lead-free crystal glass