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Gallina De Piel Mimetic 2020



這款酒展現出黑琥珀梅、藍莓、黑莓、饗菊花和百花香的風味,而薄荷的清涼感則為其增添了特殊的層次。這樣獨特的風味組合使其非常適合搭配各種小點心。我們推薦搭配這款酒的地方特色菜是來自阿拉貢地區的小羔羊肉(Ternasco),同時您也可以考慮搭配烤馬鈴薯,以增添美好的用餐體驗。 The wine features notes of black amber plum, blueberries, blackberries, borage flower, and thyme, with a refreshing hint of menthol. This combination makes it an excellent choice for pairing with various snacks. We suggest complementing it with a regional delicacy: Ternasco, a dish showcasing young lamb from the Aragón region. Additionally, consider serving it alongside oven-roasted potatoes for a delightful culinary experience.


Gallina de Piel由David Seija在2017年創辦,他曾於El Bulli餐廳擔任侍酒師主管,從2007年至2011年直至該餐廳關閉。他於2006年獲得西班牙最佳侍酒師的“Nariz de Oro”(金鼻子)獎,並於2011年獲得西班牙皇家烹飪學院頒發的最佳侍酒師“Premio Nacional de Gastronomía”獎。David Seija出版了5本葡萄酒指南書,並在侍酒師大學擔任教授,他是一位真正的葡萄酒狂熱者。

Gallina de Piel is founded by David Seija in 2017, he was the Head of Sommeliers of El Bulli Restaurant from 2007 to 2011 until its closure. Awarded “Nariz de Oro” (Golden Nose) for the best sommelier in Spain in 2006, and also awarded “Premio Nacional de Gastronomía” for the best sommelier in 2011 by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy. Published 5 book guides on wine, and also worked as a Professor at Sommelier University, David Seija is a true wine fanatic.